Standards & Projects

Commitments & Principles

We believe running a “green” business could be a lot easier--both easier to do and easier to understand.

We also believe that many great “green” products and services already exist in the market and managers just need to find them and put them in the context of their own enterprise’s carbon footprint.

We are committed to providing you with the tools, resources, and knowledge required to run your small or medium-sized enterprise as sustainably as possible.

To that end we are committed to the following principles:

  1. Impact - We will vet every product and service sold in our marketplace for impact. Our algorithm will score each product and help you understand the impact it will likely have on your business or enterprise.

  2. Transparency - We avoid greenwashing by providing you with the details behind the reasoning for our impact assessment.

What is a Carbon Offset anyway?

A carbon offset is an instrument representing a reduction of 1 metric tonne of carbon dioxide or carbon dioxide equivalents. Organizations implementing carbon reduction projects apply to verification bodies like Verra or American Gold Standard to certify their projects and sell carbon offsets to help fund operations.

Our Opinion on Carbon Offsets

Carbon offsets have been in the news quite a lot recently and often not in a positive light. In our humble opinion, offsets are an important tool to meet climate change mitigation goals, but aren’t the first tool enterprises should reach for when implementing a sustainability program. Enterprises need to reduce their carbon footprint internally first (using the products and services found on Carbon Undone’s marketplace preferably) before they reach for carbon offsets to reach net-zero emissions.

Carbon Offset Project Standards

Carbon Undone purchases carbon offsets for re-sale through the Verra registry. You can read more about Verra’s Verified Carbon Standard here and more about their rules and requirements for carbon offset projects here.